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gains and losses

after watching spice and wolf i kinda thought that my way of thinking generally is revolves around that phrase.

yeah i lost a decent relatin ship with a person but i kinda don't regret it. there was so much losses, and i gain only a little.

but if htat person wants me back sure i think i'l want her back but if she don't then so be it.

now my problem is finding a substitute or a permanent replacement.

it will probably take a while and desperately finding it wouldn't go well either.

soo i'll wait while doing the thing s i love most and preventing emptiness eat me.

so something about my journls.

i know they're all messy and probably it's all nonsense. but thats how i deal with my thoughts now a days.

it's always your choice weather to read it or not. im happy weather or not you read them anyways.

my journals are not just about a certain person. they're about lots of people. mostly my journals are compilations of what i've felt days or hours before writting it. it's got all the people maybe i've met, thought of, and etc...

so to the people who thinks it's all them and accuses me of accusing them wrong things in my journals, look at how self-centered you are. :rofl:

well to make sure if you are the one mentioned in my journal think first... do you do what i said in my journals? if you really don't know, the note button is always up there waiting to be click.

it's not shyness, you're just a coward >.> lol (tempting you as much to click the note button)
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Submitted on
January 20, 2010