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yes my lovely hu--- computer is back

the only thing i need is internet and im back ~~~~~~

but im sad about some things and also i'm kinda want to laugh at another.

I'm sad that my chapters, linearts, and character profiles are all lost.

oh and my one-shots, and the only fanfic i've ever written

the one and only picture of a friend i haven't seen in two years(plus the our doodles TAT).

some artworks of fabulous artist that put all of their artworks on storage or had deleted their accounts that i don't know where they've moved their gallery to.

programs ive installed (i ahve to find them again)

and my over 1000= anime and vocaloid songs

and you know what's left?

the stupid files that i want to delete but just too lazy to, copy of the song in the CD's that i own and still working, back up of some of the pictures in my 4GB memory card for my camera (that is still in the memory card),and photos of lolita outfits that i saved for reference.

ngh i want to delete all those things tat are still existing and pretend that my old computer -my real husband-- never made it and that it was a whle new computer ngh


something i wanna laugh about

i saw a folder in my documents with the name "vocaloid" i hurried and checked it out thinking that even if all my anime song are gone im saved with just vocaloid songs. so when i opened it tehre was a lot of boxes---it's can't display Japanese characters TAT(i have to fix that)--- so i highlighted all and played them at first there were vocaloid songs and some i haven't even heard but then a few minutes later there were songs that weren't vocaloid they were just random japanese songs.

and so i think that the person repairing it wanted to build back my vocaloid folder with random song he downloaded online XD

I'm deleting that folder when i go home later~

ngh he's not my husband anymore *ish sad*

and the screen was a bit distorted and i can't fix it cuz the chices for screen resolution are limited to three choices but i know i had a lot more before.

and im missing the audible purring it had before, now i don't even know if it's on or not TAT
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Synchro593 Featured By Owner May 20, 2010
I'm sorry to hear you lost all that on your computer. At least you can do more art more easily now yourself though I hope! I really missed having a PC for the.... three or four years I didn't have one that worked very well. ^^; I don't have 99% of my previous files either.... but I'm very glad all the same. :heart: I hope it works out for you as well. :hug:
Kumobit Featured By Owner May 20, 2010  Student Digital Artist
aww thank you soo much for the concern >3<
yeah i can probably draw a lot of stuff now
oAo three or four years man thats long, if that happened to me i'll go crazy.

well there are a lot of stuffs to be fixed, if all is fixed then i'll be happy. ( but now i'm not >.>)
myris08 Featured By Owner May 18, 2010  Student
wat the hell!!!

well, i'm happy that your pc is back, but i can't believe it. all of your datas are gone now. what the hell!!!
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Submitted on
May 18, 2010