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but wait who cares right? XDXDXD

well just writing a random journal like those i did beforeXDXD

i'll keep my ranting in my head cuz it's very trouble some, although it's something to be written here about.

but a certain bitch might print my journal again and started accusing me of telling bad things about her in my journals so i wont (even though some are not for her >.> she thinks it's all about her. to that person: you're bitchier, shallower, and more stupid than i am, you think you're all mature but you're not. stop th------ 0 im going to stop cuz i just said im not going to rant~ i  think i might snap her back to her senses and start to be a "real" person. i'll just wait to see her fall with whatever she's doing >.> )

so yea~  if i started thinking of the things i had gained this past month it just makes me really happy. i want to think of those nice stuff than that one thing i lost, it's better that way~~

but school as been such a prison lately, =^= and i hate confinements...

i might really be saying nonsense all the time but thats how i clear my mind and started thinking straight.

lol and  today i discovered that im afraid of vacuum cleaners cuz of it's loud noise. and today i have my own room nao , one thing missing-- my computer TT^TT

and oh yeah to suzaku18 : im sorry~~~~~~ >.<
i haven't finished it TTATT

and oh yeah who's going to ozine fest??? (read my previous journal ^^ )
i want to meet random pplz>w<
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Suicides Love Story- Nana Kitade
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Submitted on
February 23, 2010