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art block lifted?

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2009, 2:38 AM
man i don't now since when this art block started but, yey i'm finally back XD

right now I've done 4 pencils illustrations that, in my standards, nice enough to work and spend time on my free times.

I'm doing promised art, contest entry, and the postcard.

i hope this stays for a very long time and i wish art block wont come back again.

i guess when i start the day right the rest follows.

well i still have a lot of projects to do but It's all scheduled, i'll finish drawing and stuff first. (man it's been such a long time,this happened, and it feels like I'm drawing for the first time XD )

i just wish no one ruins my days so that---- oh wait's ok if anyone ruins my day just don't get me depressed again -^-

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November 25, 2009