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how i work

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 16, 2010, 9:07 AM




as i've said before i run on inspiration or motivation.
=U= and it's a fact~~~

the more i get attention and nice words i hear, the more reproductive i become.

and add to that mixture a good music and I'm a supper cramming machine~~~

but i'm glad my body subconsciously avoids too much of it ~~~ (by being rude most of the times soo sorry XD)

Right now I'm working on my entry for FEZ, the design is almost done and i can finish lines by later (it's 11:41 BTW) and the deadline is on friday (or staurday =w= )

at first i was inspired by one of my super fave artist, he submitted his entry yesterday i think (i think cuz my days are long cuz i don't sleep in time anymore~~i feel like he submitted his entry three days ago)and it was in the usual awesomeness again. >//w//< since then i started working on the designs slowly, thinking whether i'll join or not. but what happened today made me really happy(imagine i was told preety for 2 times today even when I'm usually asleep and drooling in class XD =w= )and the thought that there will be a huge year a head and i've already made some supper awesome friends XD as in super awesome that i can't say anything but awesome awesome XD.[i love you guys remember that] XD

and i'm listening to deja vu from TWEWY XD i luv the song but i bet there's more awesome songs in the game owo but not ime to play~~~ i :heart: neku kariya, his skeleton hodie and his lolipop~~ XD

by the way...I'm really loving dogs bullets and carnage lately~~~ if the first two tankoubons are still available in local stores i'll hunt them, and i'll be waiting for the smexy fourth tankoubon XD cuz babdou's the cover and it's orange and black~~ ( i hate orange alone but i love it with black XD)

lalal going black to the entry ~~ >3<

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Deja Vu - T.W.E.W.Y.
  • Reading: Dogs: Bullets and Carnage
  • Drinking: chocolate~
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Submitted on
June 16, 2010