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i dug up something...

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2009, 3:46 AM
i should really be doing projects right now >.<

i was diging in an old cabinet that i put papers in. i was in search of my legal size bond paper cuz i was going to print my project.

then i found a note book.

i opened the first page and saw the name "e-scoop" on it in some really cute lettering.

i continued browsing, then nostalgia hit me.

i remembered those elementary days when you don't have to think too much of everything. and when everyone accepts you for who you are. where even your mistakes are accepted with those kind laughter of your friends that makes you want to laugh at yourself too (not those mocking laughter that make you want to stuff your fist into someone 's mouth)

E-scoop is this newspaper group we had. it's not a school newspaper it's just something that me and my friends spend our free time on and what some of our classmates enjoys to read.

we made our own funny advertisements, some comics, something about our selves and something about the other students as well, but mostly it was just filled with strange randomness that just makes you smile. (oh did i mention it's just all in a note book? =) )

man only if we are still in the same school, then we could continue this.

i wanna say is i miss yah guys soo much. i wish we could see each other soon! >3<

(ahaha i remember the comic that i made, it's a story why the DS suddenly became the DS lite XD lol)

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  • Watching: Eureka seven ep 30
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November 23, 2009