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no, definitely not.

I'm finally messed up, i mean the time i go to sleep.
last night i went up about 12 midnight the i woke up 2:30 pm and until now i haven't taken a long nap(i did i while ago while in class about one minute or so, them my classmate keep on mocking me for how silly i look like when taking my 1 minute nap. then i made his shoulder do that crack sound and he went away, and it hurt 8D )

the reason why it feels like it friday to me is that i usually feel sleepy on fridays.
but yeah i should sleep more cuz I'm really messed up.
i don't look right anymore and my body hurts =6= man I'm soo sleepy. them I;m relying on coke and chocolates to keep me awake.

exams on wednesday i need to get back so that when i review somehting will get into my  mind....

aww shoot i just remember, i need to sew one more pillow case for my project due date tomorrow and assignments =.=

oh well....

to Shuwaty -chan  ahhh sorry i haven't finished the chibi's, maybe after the exams. i will do it, really!

to 143Gaara-kun medyo bangag pa ako pero gagawing ko ung  b-day gift mo promise!

to DonnieCatchEmAll i promised you that i will draw you :iconotlplz: sorry it's taking soo long. (in fact it's been ages0_o)

to suzaku18 I'm doing the card but i might send it a little bit late.

-.- i hope i didn't forget anyone
o-oh to jobbarallas i'll  do a chibi of lelouch, and the inking thingy of lucia i didn't get the file please send it again.

-.- lets see...
ok i think thats it
  • Mood: Tired
  • Reading: Sense and sensibility byJane Austen
  • Watching: Eureka seven ep 40
  • Eating: teh pen of my tablet (thinking it was pocky)
  • Drinking: sprite
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Submitted on
December 14, 2009