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bad things happen, or not.....

starting since friday morning something disappeared...

...or broke

my computer!!!!!

at first the one who checked it up thought it was the power supply. and now the mother board??? WTF

my mom will not like this....

more money to be spend if the worst happens (it means assembling a new CPU...) TTOTT stupid jumpy electricity in the place i live in >.<.

my last i wish is for the memory... i hope it's still there... or else I'll have to die a thousand times, a THOUSAND TIMES .

GRR. it's messing with everything. my mood everything(but don't blame my broken comp for the drama i just made )

an hour from now i'll be home playing SMT:devil survivor all over again trying to voice the characters (since i don't talk much it's a way to practice my speech )

or i'll be watching Wolf and Spice.

but on the weekend i have to lurk around the net shop again to draw.

and soo the gray days continue...

and right now i don't care about anything else other than GETIING MY COMPUTER BACK. i just realize it now but the computer has been a huge chunk of my life(i don't use it on useless games such as the games in facebook FYI, i use it to draw, browse artworks,do weird research, and watch anime thats my life ppl).

baaaaahhhhhhh try to get my DS away from me and your dead
  • Listening to: Suicides Love Story- Nana Kitade
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Submitted on
January 18, 2010