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soo... um just pushing the other journal away~

so yeah my plan to go in buy indies and go home was a success.. well because nothing would make it fail 8D and I'm becoming sicker and sicker of large crowds, i get dizzy and often bumps into people ... (i guess a trauma from ozine fest 8D )

well stuff that i bought…

going there i took public transportation, but my dad dropped me off the train station. so i took train then jeep. i almost went down the first jeepney i ride on cuz people made a commotion when i went up. they were all starring at me and i almost ran away to a corner and cried lol but i didn't. i guess that anyone's reaction to a person that doesn't wear clothes like they do... actually the clothes i wore were just randomly picked in my closet and the person i was going there with thought i was really cute ha )with a black skirt and all).

soo when we arrived at the we we're approached by this man he gave us fans and told us that it was hot inside. then me and my companion went to the ticket booth (still holding the fan) then the girl said we should go to the booth beside it to get the souvenirs  and they were giving fans away too soo i looked at the fan i was holding and on it there was a face of a politician. =A= i gave my companion the fan. people these days..., and im not even on the age to vote yet.

sooo i spent 30 minutes roaming around trying to search for the indie i only planned to buy (cuz i wan low in cash >.>) and there was this booth i passed by a few times but i thought they were just selling magazines that is why i didn't bother checking it out. well i plan to after buying the indie i was searching for...
then my companion said that we searched all the tables already except for that one so we should look there too. then we found it, i was laughing at my self that it was just there 8D

so after i bought the indie i went back to the tables that i saw interesting indies and bought some more. then i saw this head band with a speech balloon attached to it i really wasn't to buy it but im afraid i might ran out of money for our fair soo i didn't TAT.

well is aw a bunch of familiar faces there and i saw some artist that i admire. i really am jealous of the people  that had the con like a reunion ahaha . man it'd be cool if i actually knew someone there TAT i know some people but i don't know if they still recognize me TAT

  right now i read half of my indie stack and i plan to finish it tonight. and im also planing to  make fanarts for my fave indie 8D (currently doing one right nao 8D )

ahaha this is not a con report but a sorta diary entry lol >.>
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redjustice22 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010
i hate people that always judge what other people wear as if they are the one who's wearing it! atleast we have originality not like them wearing 2ne1 wannabe and jejemon posers... as if naman bagay sa kanila right?
Kumobit Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010  Student Digital Artist
ahahhahaha you're freakin HUGELY correct~~~~~~

redjustice22 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2010
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April 19, 2010