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Journal Entry: Sat Nov 14, 2009, 8:06 AM
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Another title!
Some sample text!

We all like sample text :D


it's already sending butterflies in mah stomach shit

who's going to go? i wanna hang out with a bunch of people (cuz it won't be fun going by ones' self or with a guardian>.<)

I've already accumulated the amount of money i usually bring with me to cons and there is one more week left (i think it's more than 24 USD already :D)

and i gotta buy devour art book(details here… )
which mean i have to be extra early on the first day...

and i gotta buy--

[AHHH CUT SHIT THERE IS A BIG SPIDER NEAR ME AND IT'S BIGGER THAN MY HAND, GAAHHH THANKS TO MY REFLEXES I AVOIDED HAVING A CONTACT WITH IT. WHY IS OUR HOUSE SOO INFESTED? AAAAHHHH WHERE IS THE INSECT KILLER AT A TIME LIKE THIS?! don't get me wrong i'm not always freaked out by spiders in fact when i was a kid i used to compete little spiders with my friends' spiders and collected them . but this time it's really huge and it might be poisonous! i dun wanna die from poisoning or by insect bite >.<]now i can't stay relaxed shit, and my mind is scrambled like puzzle pieces scattered on the floor.

anyways lets see...

oh yeah i gotta buy one extra battery and memory card for my camera, cuz I'm sure my 4 gb and one battery isn't enough

soo if i spend 50 pesos per day i can save 750 on one the week and that would make my money 1950? >.< gahh still not enough i wish i had a job. or people would commis------

gah dead


anyways this is what i'll do tommorow
1)make postcard
2)finish DGM contest entry, i mean make it...=^=
3)make assignments and projects
4)and oh yeah go mass, it's sunday

i need lots of sugar tomorrow... and coffee. i guess I'll go to 7-eleven to buy some food.
i figured out that if  people wouldn't make effort for me i would make effort on my drawing and becoming closest to a perfect person which makes me happy (man i sound like a crazy old woman....=^= lol)

and cookies are very messed up, really. because they're crunchy and sweet at the same time
i wanna taste cinnamon cookies again it's almost two years since i tasted those frikin delicious stuff.

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redjustice22 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2009
damn! i can't save money too...! how i wish life was like in petsoc. just bump a tree money would fell hug a friend then here comes money!
Kumobit Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2009  Student Digital Artist
i dun play in facebokk =.=

and that would make money GENERALLY WORHTLESS.

i just wish i have a job or something that i would get money from....
143Gaara-kun Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2009

Yea m3 con :3 Thank God it's after the exams!
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November 14, 2009