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first day:

i had to do chores b4 going to the con... and i was already tired by 10 AM

dragged random clothes from teh closet and put it on, i didn't really expect to look good but then i was greeted by a neighbor that was passing by  with a "WOW" and kept on staring at me</strike>

arrived about 2 PM and i was hungry again.

then i saw the booth with a bunch of artist there doing commissions and selling key chains. i wanted to approach them for a commish right away but my stomach is shouting at me go get something already (i haven't eaten lunch...)  but instead of getting reall lunch i got brownies and iced coffee~ (latest addiction)

yeah alone again... >.> certain person didn't come. but i'm fine ^^

then i have gone back to the con and asked tomokii for a cmish but at that time her commish slots were full so i bought her kingdom heart: birth by sleep fanart and the onion knight keychain XDXDXD

then i geeted J8d -sensei who was also doing comsions

the group cosplay were nice, i----------- forgot what happened  *fail*

then i think i had brownies for dinner tooo XDXDXD and more iced coffee~~~
off too dayyy 2222!!!!!!!!~

Second day:

b4 going to the con i went and printed ref sheets of haru and gin for commissions.

and again took off for the con with out lunch and un washed dishes left behind.

i went right away to tomokii for commissions, and i was glad her slots were free at that time XDXDXD so i had gin and haru for her to draw XDXD, she was an SMT: devil survivor fan tooo XDXDXDXD

tehn i went and decide where to eat agian. i kinda want to go to the maid  cafe but i'm scared to go there alone so off to the food court again.

as usuall brownies will never be out of the things i eat, so  had brownies and a huge burger (which i ate for 1 and a half hour, cuz at teh same time iw as playing SMT : DS finishing naoya's ending )

then about 4:30 i went to the con again for the cosplay competition and i was too late, the seats (the floor) near the stage were all already taken and i have to sit (and see nothing ) or stand ( make ur legs and feet hurt) at the back, at first i sat cuz the even t isn't starting yet, but at the middle of the competition i stood up cuz im lacking in potassium and i can't feel my feet anymore (i tried pinching my feet and it bleed but i can't feel anythin D8, i hate bananas >.> even though they're nutritious. maybe i just have to eat some before cons XD)  

since there were only a few cosplayers left, and i can't breathe with all the ppl around me stealing my oxygen , io abandoned watching the individual cosplay competition and get my comissions from tomokii

(i'll upload pic later cuz i dun hve my comp yet)

the chibis look soo cute and awesome, i think i'll be commissioning her again XDXDXDXD

then i went to J8d -sensei and have him draw haru for me (ofcourse it was a commission ) i was guilty that i made him daw when he hasn't taken lunch yet, and it was about 6 PM . i shared my brownies.

then after that i ahve to take off to the food court again and find my parents wishing my comp i fixed... it's stil not

i didn't get brownies again cuz i wan feeling kinda full and i still have some left so i just bought more iced coffeeeeee

tats the end of this on journal thingy

i know i had ppl look for me, sorry for that, i have forgotten my necklace (which is the only thing u can use to identify me ) at home and remebered it when i am already in the con....

i'll be arranging random meet-ups on summer with a sempai ( i haven't asked her or-- them---- uhhhhhh )

cuz i luv meeting random pplz
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Suicides Love Story- Nana Kitade
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jobbarallas Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2010
oh i went also to the con but its unexpected. :))=))
you didn't tell me to go with you...
Kumobit Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2010  Student Digital Artist
nyan i forgot to tell you there was a con XXDXDXDXD
jobbarallas Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010
KRINGaling Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh, you were there? Sayang, I didn't know! We could've met up~ :)
Kumobit Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2010  Student Digital Artist
ahhh >w< yeah
next time ^^ maybe ozine XDXDXD
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January 26, 2010