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=.= sigh

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 13, 2009, 3:46 AM
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Another title!
Some sample text!

We all like sample text :D

i'd be talking nonsense so reading this is really useless and i'll be wasting your time=..=
I'm on art block again TT-TT

blah blah discrimination blah blah.

I'm an egocentric person so i can't accept a person liking two other people more and leaving me alone there. it's really sad.


i hate it, and why does a certain person talks to all the people except me?!
what the heck, i'll accept that if i have this disease that is contagious , yes, but I'm a completely normal person why?

every body lies, why is that even just a small lie i made creates a big deal to someone, compare to others people's lie bit's really small and they don't make a big deal about it?

i can sacrifice my left hand for a person i just met, but why wouldn't the people who are really close to me and known for a very long time sacrifice theirs?

i just wanted a certain person to listen to me and understand me, but so far all ears are closed. you can't blame me.

when you ask"are you mad?" of course that person will say "no" WTH you should understand that youre that person's friend

this is the end of the line, to prevent my self to be hurt any further. I'll stop being good to others unless they're good to me

i hate this.

yes i know I'm stupid, boring, egocentric, lazy, and probably  some worthless shit but i did nothing wrong to be treated this way especially those people who are the closest to you. imagine if a certain person is gone they'll go back and then wait for that person but when it me they'll probably go somewhere and forget that i was even with them WTH.   (oh god, can you imagine I'm wetting my keyboard right now with tears?)

I'll probably grow old cranky and alone.

or maybe die young, probably cuz depression can kill.

and maybe next time this journal updates it's not me writing stuff anymore, yeah right no one will do that as if.oh well

i dunno if this is just me being sensitive or what, but i decided to write this journal so that i could cry a little since there no one to talk to. =...=

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November 13, 2009