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still trying to do the request cuz i became ambitious at the outcomes
. i dun wanna disappoint you guys~~~

and should i send a rough sketch so that you could see if your character is being themselves and if you would want to add something to it?

i think i would be done with the request if i have my computer. only a few days left~~

then i think when i have my computer back i'll do live stream for the request~ so if the person who requested have the last minute additions or request for the piece so that they could tell me right away, i wonder if my schedule is going to agree with that i just hope the people who requested are on the other side of the globe since i'll be working at night here. i'd be staying up late cuz thats the only time i could use the comp~

--i just suddenly felt like doing a journal bahhh, cuz it's lonely here TAT

soo the election day...

we had a road trip around tagaytay and bought a bunch of flowers (i'm going to psot pics soon >w< )

ahaha you can tell that i stating to be addicted on flowers right?
>w< and i'll have a few references nao~

I'm reading bakuman,i wonder who else is...

no it's not a typo, and the manga is not about that ball shaped robotic creatures *shot*

yeah i know that tittle is very close to bakugan, but no

the manga seemed nice. it's about making a manga

-i wish i could team up with someone too TAT


sooo ummm im going to feature~~~~

sooo i as browsing through my style school mag. (also known as SS mag )

and i saw this lovely painting, then i just froze, even though it's in a small thumbnail it's frekin awesome~

then i just typed the artist's pen name on google and it turns out he has a deviantart account! >u<

so... yeah he's :iconcellar-fcp: go visit him~~

---- and when i go on the page i was already watching him i didn't notice~~`

soo yeahhhh i like saying yeah it's becoming a habit, i dun wanna talk to people i dun like so i say a sentence and say yeah summarizing everything~


amongst the places in out house my room is the wont let me sleep at night.

then whenever i would open the door which is on the opposite side of the huge window it would get soo windy and all the papers would fly + tissue papers + everything else light enough even the blinds would be carried away that i would be forced to roll it up.

soo yeah my room is probably a messy and each time i try to sit on my bed i would be careful of innocent uni pins laying there because i might sit on them and break 'em, TAT my babies~~~~

and i would be gentle of my movements cuz the stacks of mangas + artbooks may fall off my table. they're irregularly stacked on my table cuz i constantly need them and im just too lazy to put them back to the shelf~~~


unipins .005 and .01 are my best friends lately. I'm trying to draw on a 11"x18" inch canson water color pad preparing my requests and inking my lineart for a huge water color artwork for practice.

i think it was a huge change and i am forced to use pencil cuz the ink gets absorbed more on the paper than it does with the color pencils (even though it was easier to set the mood with color pencils. well that what i think cuz color pencils are wax ) also because i use .05 for the normal lines nao i need my pencil lines to be thin too or else when i start inking it, i'll be forced to thicken the lines cuz it wont make sense with the thick pencil lines.

then i need to clean my room if i'm going to start doing the water color (or at least clear the small table at put nothing on it but my water color materials. i remember one time when my color pencils all fell on the water i dip my brush on and some went to the paints that I'm using, good thing it's not the water color pencils that fell >.> if it did all of the tips would melt)

battle tower

>u> multi battles are nice, i get to team up with riley~~~~ :heart:
his fighting types really goes well with my unbreon and luxaray (well that wh ti think) but the last battle we had, his rhyperior killed my luxaray at it was the only pokemon left. then it keeps on using a failing move so the dragonair defeated him >.>

and i think i need to change my electric type; luxaray's defenses are too weak (i think i didn't raised my luxaray well >.> )  soo im switching to ampharos which have decent defense and sp defense  and plus it's soo cute~~~

--i want to battle trainers from around teh world TAT i wanna check how good i really am (or how bad i really am)

still gotta buy that usb connector thingy~

---im out of cherries

and i actually thought of drinking the juice thingy left inside the jar but i thought it would be unhealthy to do so. TAT wahh cherries~~~~~!

--- soo um yeah i still wanna type but i really gotta read bakuman

and i have to remind myself that kuroshitsuji manga updates every eighteenth of the month ~ if the volumes of kuroshitsuji would just reach the book shelves here i would buy them right away~~~


i wanna create a circle anyone interested?
probably not... >..>

-----i feel the same as the protagonist in bakuman.
and this week i've made my mind into becoming a manga artist sidelining as a dentist (TAT my poor right hand!!)

if i don't get published then thats fine, i'll just work on indies and commissions online~
  • Eating: Cherries
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myris08 Featured By Owner May 16, 2010  Student
allysa, how's your husband (your computer) now? is he back?
myris08 Featured By Owner May 16, 2010  Student
i know you room is the hottest.
Synchro593 Featured By Owner May 15, 2010
Yea! Good luck with your fierce arting ambitions! You could make a lovely manga. :D

And you play Pokemon? Awesome! I will battle you! If you want to sometime on the wireless. I have a pretty broken team on my Diamond game. My husband has a really marvelous team! He's so smart, he's got tons of strategies! I just kind of... punch things in the face. ^^; Oh well.

I would be interested in seeing the sketch of my pic if you'd like me to! If you have anything for it. But you don't have to LOL. :hug: I started coloring Crei a little bit, but I can't sit still! I keep going back to Pokemon lately. OwO
Gomen! ^^;
Kumobit Featured By Owner May 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
by the way do you have msn ? owo
Kumobit Featured By Owner May 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
well i still got to figure out how to do the wireless *fail* well i still don't know what to do with my team but im adjusting them little by little based on the results from battling the battle tower over and over again. yeah mee tooo XD

well it's planned in my brain but i haven't successfully put it on paper i'll show it to you when I'm done~

yeah pokemon it really distracts everybody now a days. man i wanna get platinum and heart gold but i still dun have the money~ and i hear they're making a new game~

and thank you very much~ i don't think i will take a job seriously if it isn't being a manga artist.

and don't worry take your time ^u^
Synchro593 Featured By Owner May 15, 2010
LOL, yea, but Pokemon can be so fun to draw! It's like a playground of shapes and every color is invited. If you want to take a look at some info for the new game set (Pokemon Black & White versions), I find this site to be incredibly insightful: [link]

They also have some pictures of the new Starters there too, if you haven't seen fanart of them around the internet already LOL.

I do have MSN! It's Synchro593 @hotmail I'm pretty sure. My icon is a picture of Airis, LOL.

Pokemon wireless battling is something I've never done... I think you have to go into the basement and know the other persons' friend code and be on at the same time. I'd be up for it, but I'm going to head to bed right after I finish posting to you. ^^; Which is right now! I'll look into it and give you a better answer sometime. I don't think you need to buy any cords or anything, you'd just need a wi-fi spot that your DS works on. Laters~ :heart:
Kumobit Featured By Owner May 18, 2010  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the link ^u^

it's because of the fanarts that's why i found out~ man people are fast

i'll add you ^^ , mines ruiusagi00(at) yahoo (>u> i have no icon yet XD)

i need to buy the USB thingy so my D will have access point
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